Postie: Please strike forever and end my junk mail

The Communication Workers’ Union have voted for strike action against the Royal Mail. Good; it’s the perfect way to finally kill off this old dinosaur. Already major business users of the service – Amazon, eBay, Argos – are abandoning what has become an increasingly unreliable service provider and are looking to alternatives.

All of my bills and bank statements are sent to me electronically, and those that I can’t pay by direct debit I pay securely online. I swap birthday greetings on Facebook and other social networking sites. So what is the Royal Mail doing for me?

Nothing. The only stuff I get through the post are mail order catalogues and “personally hand delivered” junk mail, all of which goes straight into the recyling sack unread.

It’s sad and unfortunate that people will lose their jobs, but when you are providing a service that people increasingly don’t want, then that’s what happens. Just ask the media industry which is currently undergoing exactly the same issues with being replaced by Internet alternatives.

Certainly the last thing Britian needs is for obsolescent industries to be bailed out by the taxpayer!

    • Ben P
    • October 13th, 2009

    I tend to save all the junk etc., up for a month, then stuff it all back in nearest postbox. Outsourced junk mail gets returned with a note on it stating that further unwanted mail will be treated as harrassment, while “personally hand delivered” gets “personally returned for your disposal”.

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