Landline broadband tax? I’m going wireless

So the Government are going to press ahead with the £6 ‘tax on land-lines’ to help push wired broadband out into rural areas. What exactly are they expecting to achieve by this, other than encourage people to abandon the 19th century concept of wired communications?

I’m already questioning the need to have a wired phone line at home. I’m not actually at home very much, so I’m already paying a fair amount of money each month for something I’m not there to use. Even if I do feel the need to call somebody, I have more mobile minutes than I know what to do with as part of my mobile phone plan.

Why would anyone purchase a land-line these days, when you can’t take it with you? If I were to move house, I certainly wouldn’t bother getting a phone line put in. My mobile broadband is good enough, thanks. It’s always there where I need it.

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