Security questions? You rang me!

Don’t you just hate it when your bank rings you up, and then asks you security questions?

I’m not stupid, I know what authentication is for. But I also know what phishing means. So when someone calls me claiming to be from HighStreetBank Limited and starts asking me for my date of birth and passcode, even if I have an account with HighStreetBank and have a good idea what they might be calling about, I get highly suspicious. Especially when the caller ID isn’t one I recognise, and they won’t say why they’re calling.

So then we start a dance where they have to partially prove they know who I am, before I tell them anything. It’s all quite silly really. Especially when the content of the phone call is innocuous, far less damaging to me than if I’d just inadvertantly given my bank secret passcode away to some scam artist with an 0844 phone number…

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