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Basic gameplay now done too – moving bats, centre bat, firing shots, shot bouncing off obstacles, shots destroying bricks, and shots running off the screen winning the round:

InterSceptre In-game screenshot

InterSceptre In-game screenshot

Trouble is, now I’ve run out of old C++ code to convert – so the real work starts here!

  1. You’ve had 9 days since this update – get on with it! /rasp

    • pauliharman
    • April 23rd, 2010

    Well since then my eldest managed to pour a cup of water over my laptop, hence the resultant lack of progress. I have however managed to borrow a spare latop from work, on which I have converted all the motion code over to floating point arithmetic, and added black/white holes – with real gravity curving shots around the screen. I’ve also refactored everything to use XNA’s DrawableGameComponent.

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