InterSceptre update

Seems I’ve not written an update for ages! Last time you heard from me I’d just implemented the gravitation features of the black holes. So what have I done since?

Basically, not a lot! I’ve implemented a few more bonuses the player can collect – fast, slow, freeze, reverse- and there a few more of them to come. The players now score points – and persisting those points across levels required significant refactoring of the code. Fonts can now be rendered in different colours, and I’ve added simple support for proportional fonts.

Most of that time though was lost because I swapped to Ubuntu on my laptop, and I couldn’t get DirectX emulation working! Fortunately Ubuntu 10.10 resolved the issue and I’ve been able to continue. I’ve also jumped to XNA 4

The core game is now done, unless I want to add more bonuses; but for now I’m going to concentrate on adding the menu screen and allowing the players to enable/disable game options. The title screen could do with some love too.

Finally I need to add some music and sound effects. I’d love to score the game myself but not sure I have the tools, or that my fellow commuters would appreciate the noise (note to self: buy better headphones).

If I want to release the game for Win7 mobile, I need to work on touch screen (or accelerometer) controls. That will affect what bonuses I implement. Currently swipe/tilt sideways and tap to fire would work well, but I’m not sure about directional shot (flick at an angle?), repair bricks (swipe down?) etc…

Thoughts are turning to the next venture. Could be a simple Bejewelled-style puzzler (something quick for the Win7 phone); maybe a top-down tile game (Get In The Ring PC?); or perhaps I just go for the puzzle-platformer. Not sure…

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