Options, options everywhere

One of the big things about InterSceptre on the ST was the options screen, and the player’s ability to turn on (and off) almost all aspects of the gameplay. That has particlaly carried over into the PC version, but until now there was no way to set any of those options.

Developing the options screen has been a fun exercise in class abstraction. The user interface needed to be simple so that touch-screen operation was practical, requiring a simple touch-to-toggle approach. Some controls therefore need you to cycle through all the available options. There are different kinds of controls to implement – ones that set enumerated variables, some to let you choose between available game controllers and some simple boolean on/off parameters. These all needed to implement the same interface (both class interface and user interface!). The font colour varies between the different options and even between the choices for an individual option. All this happens seamlessly from the point of view of the Update/Draw cycle in the options screen controller. All that has to worry about is moving up/down the list of options.

Screenies to follow…

Meanwhile, professional demands have meant I need to revert to running Windows 7 natively on my laptop, so a day has gone by for installs. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get XNA/Visual Studio installed properly in 64-bit Windows 7, so development is going to suffer a bit of a setback. I really need to get this sorted out before the Leda Code Jam on Saturday…

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