All over, bar the shouting

I’ve used the word “finished” to describe InterSceptre quite a lot this year, but this time I almost mean it. I need to add some music for the title screen and in-game, and then it’s done. Release is now scheduled for the start of June, in time for the next XNA UK User Group meeting.

Several rounds of testing through the XNA UK XAP Test Service have ironed out the bugs and issues; I’ve taken much of their feedback on board – but not everything. Some stuff I don’t think is in keeping with the game’s feel. I’m sure they’ll be proven right.

I’ve done a lot of work on the game’s AI recently; it was too easy to beat. Now the different levels of AI player have different capabilities and strategies, rather than just faster reaction times. There’s loads more I could do here, but I think it’s good enough to release. Maybe if I ever revisit the game later, I’ll do more. There’s loads of scope for machine learning here, a personal hobby of mine, but let’s move on.

I’ve also added some different backgrounds. The main niggle left from the beta test team is around the backgrounds. What do you think?

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